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3D Model of Al

This is a 3D view of Occam XIV, our robot from the 2014 season.  We experimented with uploading the exported 3D models from Solidworks to Sketchfab, a service that lets users view files in 3D within their browser, this is the result.  Due to the complexity of the design, the model only performs well on high end computers.  We have not done this with any other robots and we currently do not plan to, because the 3D model is impractical due to it's complexity.  We will leave this file on our website, although it may be moved to a different location.  If you like this model, and would like us to put in the time to continue uploading 3D models, please let us know.

A 3D Model of our 2014 robot. It will take a few moments to load.