Student Leadership

Team Captain

The captain works with the student leadership, parents, and mentors to plan and lead the meetings, along with other team-related events. They are elected by the students of the team.

Team Vice-Captain

The vice-captain works under the team captain, and helps to complete many of the same tasks. In the absence of the captain, they lead meetings. Like the captain, they are student-elected.

Business and Outreach

On Business and Outreach, we work with the outside image of the team. We design buttons, t-shirts, and posters. Along with that we write grants, apply for awards and reach out to others to speak about opportunities for the team.


On Build, we focus on prototyping the robot at the beginning of the season. Once parts are cut we begin building the robot. During competition, pit crew maintains the robot between matches.


The Programming team takes build teams robot body, electrical teams electronics, and puts them together to make the robot work. We program the robot to make sure everything runs smoothly.


On the Electrical team we put all of the electrical components onto the robot. We also work on the pneumatic systems on the robot too.


On CAD team we create 3D models of the robot to have visual prototypes. These prototypes can then be produced using machines for building.