2016 NC Kickoff

Our team is excited to host the 2016 FRC Kickoff event for North Carolina. It will be at Orange High School, one of the schools that makes up our team. Below we have provided information we think you may find useful such as maps and locations for all of the Kickoff related activities on the campus. We would like to remind you that our school does not have public WiFi, so you should download files in advance, use mobile data to download files, or get one of our team members to download files for you off of the student and faculty WiFi.


The event will be held at

500 Orange High School Rd. Hillsborough, NC 27278.

We would like all teams to park in the student parking lot which is labeled as "Main Parking" in the map to the right.

The Kit of Parts location is also accessible by wagons, carts, etc. from here. Volunteer parking is in the athletics parking lot.

Handicapped parking is in the front of the school.

The food trucks will be in the teachers parking lot.


We do not have an exact schedule for everything happening, but here is the outline we are following:

8:00AM: Team 587 will meet to finish setting up

9:30AM: Teams sign in

10:00AM - 12:00PM(may end sooner): Broadcast

12:00PM(end of broadcast) - 1:00PM: Lunch*

1:00PM - 6:00PM: Additional Kickoff activities

*The food trucks may not be here for the entire event, see the Food section for more details.

Kickoff Activities

There are a number of things that happen at the Kickoff event other than the broadcast. Here is a list of the activities we will be having. Unless otherwise stated, all of these events will start at 1:00 PM and end at 6:00 PM.

Kit of Parts pickup -

If your team has chosen to pick up your Kit of Parts (KOP) at the Kickoff event, then you should pick it up shortly after the broadcast. The KOP pickup will open immediately after the broadcast and we encourage teams to pick up their KOP as soon as possible. The KOP pickup is located in the basement of the 300 wing on the side closest to the 200 wing. The path between the main parking area and the KOP pickup is fully accessible by wagons, carts, hand trucks, etc.

Human Player Game / Field -

We will have a field set up in the small gym. After lunch the field will be used for the human player game, where team members act as robots and play the game. It is a great experience that can be both fun and useful. By watching/playing the human player game, you can start to recognize possible game strategies. Please note that the field is strictly closed until the end of the broadcast.

Quick Build -

The Rookie Quick Build (RQB) is when first year teams open their Kit of Parts at the Kickoff event and attempt to build a working robot by the end of the event. With help from experienced team members and mentors from other teams, rookie teams can get a head start at the event to combat their lack of experience. The mechanical part of the Quick Build will be in room 314 (3rd wing, 1st[ground level at lobby] floor, ~4th door) and the programming and wiring parts of the RQB will be in room 312 (3rd wing, 1st floor, ~2nd door).

Brainstorming -

The Brainstorming session is a great way to inspire ideas. In the session, people can exchange ideas about game strategies and robot designs or anything else they want to. The session will be in the health room in the 400 wing. To get there from the main hallway, take the path you would take to get to the small gym (the field), but take the last hallway on the left before the gym. The hallway is only a few feet long and ends with a set of glass doors that go outside. The health room is the only other door in the hall.

Activities Locations

Sign in will be in the main lobby of the school. Please report to the auditorium after signing in.

The broadcast will be viewed in the auditorium at the front of the school.

The Learning Commons at the end of the 100 wing will be used for overflow viewing if needed.

We also have a kit ready to set up an additional viewing area if needed. Please pay attention for any announcements concerning this additional viewing area.

The Kit of Parts pick up is in the basement of the 300 wing and is marked on the map. This area will open immediately after the broadcast. See "Kit of Parts Pickup" above for additional information.

Additional information about other locations can be found in the Additional Activities section.


Please note that food and drink are not allowed in the auditorium (broadcast), learning commons (broadcast overflow), the small gym (field), or the quick build rooms, however food/drink is allowed in the lobby, main hallway, and cafeteria. There is usually at least one water fountain in each hallway if you need one. Since there are no places to eat within walking distance of our school, we have invited a few food trucks to cater the event. The food trucks will be serving lunch. They may choose to serve food for the rest of the event but that is not guaranteed.

The Zeko's 2 Go truck will be catering. Zeko's Menu Zeko's Website

The Fish n' Wings truck will be catering. Fish n' Wings Menu Fish n' Wings Website

Maple View On The Go will be selling ice cream at $4 per scoop in a cup or cone in the cafeteria. Maple View Website

Please note that some of the information on this page may not be correct as there was very little time to double check information. If you see something incorrect in this page, feel free to let us know at